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The Law states that you must acknowledge the presence of any asbestos containing materials on your premises, and deal with it accordingly. This can be done in several ways. Arma can help with which ever method is right for your needs:-

LEAVE the asbestos containing material in place.

Provided there is no evidence that asbestos fibres are being released. For example, if you have a roof composed of asbestos shingles, it may be reasonable to leave the shingles in place and set up regular inspections to check for evidence of deterioration. The main advantage of this treatment is that it has the lowest initial cost of any abatement alternative. However, you will require a management plan. The asbestos source must remain intact and periodic inspections will be required to assess the condition of the material and its potential for erosion or disturbance.

ENCAPSULATE the asbestos containing material.

Asbestos must be closely monitored to ensure that no fibre release is taking place. Any damage or deteriorated of encapsulated surface should be repaired immediately. A disadvantage to encapsulation is the increased difficulty of total removal of the asbestos when this becomes necessary. You will also need a management plan to ensure the integrity of the encapsulation remains intact.

The long-term costs of leaving the asbestos or encapsulation may be higher than for immediate removal, as you will need constantly updated reports on the its condition.

MANAGE the asbestos containing material.

Both of the above will mean that you have a legal duty to manage the asbestos in non-domestic premises. The "duty holder", the person in charge of the maintenance of the building, will have to arrange for a management plan to be put into action. This will carried out in the form of a regular survey of the asbestos containing material to ensure that the integrity, of that material, is still intact.

It is a legal requirement to have these reports if your building contains asbestos material. You are also obliged to have a report to confirm that your building does not have any asbestos containing material. Although the legal requirement is for non-domestic properties, if your building is used for domestic purposes and has a communal entrance, for example in apartments, these communal areas do need reports.

Arma will provide you with this report and do a regular check to ensure that your asbestos containing material is not causing any danger to those that work, live or visit your property. The reports can be issued in several ways electronic or paper and we can also store these reports for you to ensure that your legal requirements are meet.


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